• Don't Do This In Your For Loops

      Our intern got a ticket yesterday about a page that wouldn’t load for one of our employees. The page is a table that displays equipment data. In this case, there were 17,000 lines of equipment that needed to be displayed. But all she saw was a never ending loading circle.

    • My First Firefox Add On

      Tonight I decided to make my first Firefox add-on. I have thought about creating one for a while, but just didn’t know what I wanted to create. My original idea was to make a plugin that would “listen” for a change on the local page you were on to see if the file had been modified and refresh the page if it was. Well, that was short lived because I am limited to only using vanilla javascript for add-ons. So, I thought of another idea.

    • API Bearer Token Authorization with Node.js

      API authorization should be a must-have for most public-facing APIs. There are other ways to implement authorization suchs as JWTs, but I am going to show you how to implement bearer token authentication in a Node.js API.

    • Flight Plotter

      I started tracking flights in February of this year using PiAware. I soon after started logging the unique flights I capture every day, and updated a GitHub repo with the data every 12 hours. I didn’t do much with the data except look at it every once in a while just to see how many flights I had captured on certain days. Finally, I sat down today to write a quick Python script to plot the data in a bar chart format.

    • Home VPN Setup

      VPN’s are a great way to secure your browsing while connected to public wifi. A VPN is also useful for being able to access devices and files connected to your home network when you are not connected to your home wifi.