• DD-WRT DHCP Lease Check

      I was looking for a side project to work on one day and thought of being notified whenever a new client connects to your wifi. Of course, I could check the active clients by simply logging on to my router and manually checking, but what fun is that? I wanted a solution that was automated. So I decided to create a simple Python script that checks for new DHCP leases every 15 minutes via a cron job.

    • Simple Flight Logging - PiAware + dump1090

      If you read my most recent post you would know that I recently installed PiAware on one of my Raspberry Pi’s. I was very content with my setup… for a few hours. I had two things I was displeased about with my current setup. The first is my antenna / tracking distance, but that is something I plan to fix down the road. My main concern was that I wasn’t storing any flight data locally. Not that it really matters, but I wanted to be able to keep track of which flights I had tracked that day, and FlightAware doesn’t keep that historical data per user (I think). So, I decided to write a simple Python script to keep track of unique flights I have tracked per day.

    • First Impressions - PiAware

      I had an extra Raspberry Pi 3B laying around not being utilized for anything and was struggling to figure out a use for it. I have recently become fascinated with aviation, so I thought I would try to do something relating to that. I stumbled upon PiAware and was amazed at how easy the setup seemed to be. I quickly downloaded and flashed PiAware and had the OS up and running within 5 minutes. I ordered a FlightAware Pro Stick Plus ADS-B receiver and a cheap onelinkmore 1090 Mhz antenna and had to wait 2 days to receive them, which is today.

    • Arkansas Fishing Trip 2020 - Day 3

      Today was an incredible way to end our Arkansas White River trip! We went out with guide Donald Cranor today tossing spinning rods and beads. The difference between today’s method and yesterday’s is that today the bead was on the bottom the whole time, since we were not using indicators.

    • Arkansas Fishing Trip 2020 - Day 2

      All I can say is what a day!